Course Objectives:

At the end of the course, learners will be able to;

- Differentiate between incidents, problems, and known errors.
- Understand the Incident Management process and the activities within the process.
- Categorization and prioritization of incidents.
- Identify tools and systems used in Incident Management for recording and reporting Incidents.
- Understand and implement the Problem Management sub-processes and their process objectives.
- Identify tools and systems used in recording, documenting and reporting problems throughout its life cycle.
- Carry out root cause analysis, map problems to incidents, actions required.
- Understand Software Development Life Cycle Phases (SDLC) and Project Management approaches.
- Create a small project plan to an appropriate level of detail based on the approach/ methodology selected.
- Observe project performance regularly to identify variances from the plan.

Course Content

LU 1 - Incidents, Problems, Errors and Tools
LU 2 - Incident Management
LU 3 - Problem Management
LU 4 - Problem Prevention & Recommendations
LU 5 - IT Project Management: Elements, Methodologies and Tools
LU 6 - Managing a Small Project


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Mode of Training and Total Course Duration :

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Funding Validity Period

15 Nov 2020 - 14 Nov 2022