Course Objectives:

Learn how to build fine interfaces and generate smooth experiences.

The world of software applications has changed greatly in the previous two decades. Several software applications have been developed, notably with the mobile platform. All new software developers must comply with and respect new requirements of quality and operation. This is especially true for UI and UX software development. All designers should meet new and growing interface and experience design criteria. Applications today are smooth, smooth and devoid of sport. All of their many displays, features and choices operate without changing the design principles.

Why take a certification course for UI/UX?

Although the desktop platform has always been able to change and adapt, it has decreased in recent years and became very traditional. However, the software applications should comply with some pretty strict standards and mobile platform design requirements. There is consequently a great demand for contemporary UI/UX designers for a UI/UX Certification course that teaches them new design guidelines and concepts. This allows them to design user interfaces and experiences that are increasingly similar to all software programmes, in conformity with current industry standards.

Why pick PGP from Careerera for UI/UX design?

Careerera's PGP is accessible for UI/UX design courses to meet that need. It is a course that has been developed for a fundamental purpose. This is to enable UI and UX designers to create seamless, consistent and harmonious user interfaces and user experiences with the knowledge, skills and experience. The basic UI/UX techniques such as wireframing, UI prototyping, UX authoring, visual communication, interaction design, coding etc. are taught.

After a rigorous screening procedure, the teachers were chosen by hand. After evaluation for their teaching expertise and topic understanding, they have been picked from across the world. They are all highly experienced teachers that teach according to the latest teaching techniques. They all know the newest trends and approaches in the business because they all has decades of expertise in the UI/UX design sector.

The course curriculum has been carefully and extremely carefully prepared. It includes all the concepts and issues that are essential and useful in the software development UI/UX design industry. It includes UX Design applications, contextual inquiries, empathy maps for individuals, maps for stakeholders, journeying maps, information architecture, content strategies, voice and tonal evaluations, SEO and accessibility assessments, engagement of audiences, card sorting, taxonomics, tree tests, mental models, website maps, user flow design, functionality of workflows, copy writing, wireframes.

The teachers also offer the required course resources including videos, lectures, notes, tasks, surprise exams and capstone projects. The capstone projects in particular will help students use all the information and abilities they have learned during their course. Projects are to be carried out on informative website design, social media redesign, retail and banking form design, landing page design, etc. The broad range of capstone projects will offer the students the chance to get practical experience.


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