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Our food handling and safety course will cover basics on how to ensure the food you work with is safe for serving and tips for handling it and provide the food and beverage license. You will also learn things like how to properly store food in the refrigerator and what temperature you must cook meats at.

This course provides F&B license and entry-level employees with the basic skills and knowledge of food & beverage (F&B) services. An F&B server is responsible for serving food and beverage with exceptional service to customers, performs pre-service activities, sets-up the dining table, serves food and beverage orders including modifications and special requests, delivers the correct food to the corresponding tables, clears finished courses and table at the end of service. The server is also responsible for computing food or beverage service bills and verifying the completion of customer orders.

A Hawker License centre or cooked food centre is an open-air complex in Hong Kong, Indonesia. This Hawker License concept has totally eliminated street hawkers in Singapore. This phenomenon is also helped by hawker licensing laws.

How can you get hawker license in Singapore

Hawker License

To apply for a hawker License or hawker stall, you must be:

a) A Singapore citizen or a Permanent Resident

b) At least 21 years of age

Check NEA’s website on the stalls available for tender.

( and apply it.

3. Wait For Bidding Results

4. Complete The Basic Hygiene Course (BFHC)

5. Apply For A Hawker Licence

6. Begin your Hawker Journey

Why Food and Beverage Licenses are Necessary

If you finished your course, are you will get in the idea of starting a new restaurant, then you may be tempted to start your restaurant without the appropriate licenses, but be warned, so It's a serious matter in the food business to have the appropriate food and beverage license. It helps customers and authorities know you are taking the appropriate precautions in the kitchen, and that what you serve is safe to consume. Don't be tempted to save a little bit of cash by not getting your food and beverage license.

Who Needs a Food License?

F&B license

Anyone who will be working with the food in your restaurant after their course finished it is considered a food handler, and therefore needs a food license. That includes,

1. cook or chef
2. sous chef
3. waiters
4. food servers
5. bussers
6. bartenders
7. hosts

For every new employee you hire, you are required to have a food and beverage license in that person's name, in most states. There is typically a grace period of a few weeks from the date you are hired to allow you to get your training and food license certificate. All these facts we have in our minds and we are gives the best food and beverage courses with the vailed license certificate, It is also called a food handler’s license.

All courses indicated here are scheduled to run (confirmed dates).

Complete Guide To F&B Licenses In Singapore

Ever thought of opening a restaurant, kick-starting a catering business, or running a restaurant or bar? you're not alone. But before you spend one dollar on renovations, purchasing equipment, or hiring staff, there are mandatory licenses that you simply got to apply for counting on your food and beverage concept. Here's a guide to assist you better understand the various sorts of licenses you'll need.

1. Food Shop License

You have to use for and have a delicatessen license approved before fixing your F&B establishment. The delicatessen license is tied to the physical outlet, and any previous licensee will need to write in to cancel the license before a replacement application is approved. Before applying for a food license, the applicant will need to make sure that they satisfy the specifications during a pre-application checklist, which incorporates documentary, delicatessen design, and hygiene requirements.

2. WSQ Food Hygiene Course

Food handlers got to apply for this course to urge certified for handling food. The WSQ course consists of 6 hours in fact work and 1.5 hours of assessment. a press release of Attainment (SOA) are going to be awarded to participants upon completion. Food handlers who were registered and awarded quite 5 years ago can attend a refresher training course. you'll attend the course provided by any of the SSG-accredited training providers.

3. Liquor License

The liquor licence is required if you plan to sell liquors or beers. There are several classes of the license you'll apply for. Under the Customs (Liquors Licensing) Regulations, any sales of intoxicating liquors in Singapore would require a liquor licence issued by the Liquors Licensing Board.

4. Import License

Generally, an import license is typically required for food traders. However, you're also required to use for one if you're doing any of the subsequent for your F&B establishment:

– Importing, exporting, or transshipping meat and fish products

– Importing or transshipping fresh fruits and vegetables

– Importing fresh table eggs

Different licenses are required counting on the sort of food you import. to urge a far better idea of which license is required, you'll check out the classification of food and food products.

5. Public Entertainment License

F&B establishments sometimes include entertainment like karaoke machines, TVs, crane game machines. These require entertainment licenses. The licensing conditions and guidelines differ counting on the sort of entertainment provided.

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