The NEA has reviewed the current refresher hygiene course, and has worked with SSG to introduce the WSQ Refresher Food Hygiene Course which will commence in October 2014.

Refresher hygiene course

Refresher Hygiene Course Outline

Certified food handlers are required to undergo the WSQ Refresher Food Hygiene Course 5 years after expiration of the basic food hygiene course and every 10 years thereafter, to ensure that they still observe good food hygiene practices and are kept up-to-date on NEA’s policies and the best practices in handling food.

Food handlers who have passed the Basic Food Hygiene Course 5 years or more ago are required to undergo the compulsory Food Refresher Hygiene Course. The course comprises of 3 hours of training and 1.5 hours of assessment (MCQ + Oral Questioning + Practical). Food handlers can also just go through Assessment Only, which is recommended for those who are sufficiently experienced.  Food handlers who pass the assessment will receive a WDA Statement of Attainment (SOA), of which they will need to show proof during regular inspections by NEA officers.

Licencees who engage any food handlers without valid SOAs could be given 6 demerit points for each uncertified food handler .


The fee is $85.60/pax (for Course) or $64.20/pax (for Assessment Only) .  Payment of the fee must be made by cheque (payable to XpRienz Pte Ltd), before the course.  At the back of the cheque, please write the name, NRIC No/FIN, contact number and email address of the participant.

NO refund will be made for withdrawal within 1 week of course date, while 50% refund within 2 weeks of course date, and 100% refund if 2 or more weeks notice is given.

SSG Subsidies

SSG offers up to 95% subsidies for the Assessment Only as well as course fees.  For the various funding amounts, please click on this link . SDF subsidies are available for both individuals and company-sponsored staff.

For individuals who are under the Workfare Training Support (WTS), there is funding up to 95% of the fees (course fee or assessment fee).


Enrollment can be done though phone, email or our online schedule .   All courses indicated here are scheduled to run (confirmed dates).

Contact No: +65-81685586


Training Schedules

The full training schedules for the Refresher Food Hygiene Course can be seen HERE .


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