Course Objectives:

After attending the course, learners shall be able to:-

  • Identify different types of air-conditioning systems and how they are being used and applied in the market
  • Explain system components in an air-conditioning system
  • Detect abnormalities of air-conditioning system based on collected data (in accordance with Mollier Chart – Pressure-enthalpy chart)
  • Apply suitable techniques in handling different refrigerant in accordance with the given Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  • Use measuring equipment to conduct compliance test runs in accordance with the standard operating procedure
  • Check operating conditions of an air-conditioning system in accordance with the manufactur-er’s manual
  • Perform a basic maintenance for residential air-conditioning system in accordance with the manufacturer’s manual
  • Record data in accordance with test run data sheet

Course Content:

  • LU 1: Learners will be able to identify various individual components of the air-conditioning system.They will be able to establish how each individual component is linked to form the entire air-conditioning system.
  • LU 2: Learners will be able to evaluate and apply the general safety procedures required in the performance of basic maintenance of an air-conditioning system and collection of the data required for the determination of the health of the air-condition system.
  • LU 3: Learners will be able to collect and interpret the data necessary to determine the health of the air-conditioning system.
  • LU 4: Learners will be able to perform basic maintenance of an air-condition system in accordance to the air-conditioning system’s manual.


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