The course is targeted at caregivers for the elderly. After the course, learners shall be able to: -

  1. Identify negative emotions in the elderly
  2. Communicate clearly with the elder
  3. Check blood pressure and temperature taking using the correct instruments
  4. Eliminate biological waste hygienically
  5. Understand and maintain good personal hygiene for the elderly
  6. Care for the elderly with mobility issues
  7. Know the correct food types suitable for the elderly
  8. Apply correct oral feeding techniques
  9. Apply correct medication techniques
  10. Identify and prevent fall risk


  1. Understand the importance of communication skills and mental wellness
  2. Monitor blood pressure, blood sugar level and temperature.
  3. Understand the proper handling of biological waste and identify tools to manage the passing of human waste
  4. Understand the importance of personal hygiene
  5. Identify the different mobility aids and how to use them properly
  6. Understand nutrition requirement and types of food suitable for the elderly
  7. Identify preparation and methods of oral feeding, and understand the risk of bad oral feeding
  8. Identify common ailments and Medication Management
  9. Identify home safety and prevention of fall risks


The course fee is $180 /pax (GST applicable).

A $10 co-payment is applicable for Singaporean/ PR care recipient age 65 years old by Date of Birth.

Payments :

Payment is preferred cash-less; either via NETS/GIRO/PAYNOW, company cheque (for company enrolments), and Skillsfuture Credit where applicable.


Enrollment can be done though phone, email or our online schedule

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Training Schedules

The full training schedules for the WSQ Basic Food Hygiene Course can be seen HERE.