At the end of the course, learners will understand:

  1. Understand the elements required to produce basic bread dough
  2. List and describe the ingredients and their functionality used in making bread dough
  3. Explain the fermentation process and fermentation requirements when making bread dough
  4. )Explain dough development requirements for bread dough’s
  5. Calculate bread formula using Baker’s Percentage
  6. Describe how to control finished dough temperature by the use of chilled or iced water
  7. Produce basic bread dough using Straight Dough and Sponge & Dough methods
  8. Scale, shape and mould dough pieces using hand or machinery to required form
  9. Proof and bake dough to a satisfactory standard
  10. Bake various bread types using oven conditions appropriate to bread type
  11. Cool and store baked breads in appropriate manner
  12. Evaluate bread products following quality parameters
  13. Produce bread dough following standard hygiene and food safety requirements for food production


  1. Learning Unit 1: Baking Bread Basics
  2. Learning Unit 2: Bread Mise-en-Place
  3. Learning Unit 3: Bread Preparation and Baking Process
  4. Learning Unit 4: Ensure Quality of Baked Bread
  5. Learning Unit 5: Adhere to Hygiene & Food Safety Requirements


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