Social Media Course & Marketing (SSF)

Social Media Course & Marketing (SSF)


The Social Media Course will address the following areas: a) Understand the various types of social media platforms, tools and their operation, such as Facebook marketing b) Formulate social media strategic plans for their own enterprise or baking products. c) Establishing positive relationships amongst stakeholders within the baking industry and social media outreach. d) Seek and evaluate innovative marketing opportunities and evaluate the use of new social media technologies.


Social Media Course
  1. LU1 Basics of Social Media Marketing
  2. LU2 Social Media Monitoring and Responding Strategies
  3. LU3 Social Media Channel Promotion (Facebook, Instagram and Others)


The course fee is $180 /pax (GST applicable). SDF subsidies are available.

SkillsFuture Subsidies :

SSG offers up to 70% subsidies for these course fees. For the various funding amounts, please Click here to find out more.

Payments :

Payment is preferred cash-less; either via NETS/GIRO/PAYNOW, company cheque (for company enrolments), and Skillsfuture Credit where applicable.

Enrollment and Schedules :

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