F&B Digitalization


- Explore trending e-business technologies and their applications in the operational and management process in the F&B Digitalization sector.

- Identify Organisational needs and challenges in new technology adoption.

- Identify methods and steps to create to create technology adoption roadmap with clear policies and guidelines - Set training programs and identify communication methods and techniques

- Identify methods to secure information and sensitive data and explain the importance of information security in adopting e-business technology.

- Monitor initial usage and ensure technology is adopted appropriately in accordance with organisational procedures.


  1. LU 1 - New Technologies changing the Dynamic F&B Digitalization Landscape
  2. LU 2 - Organisational technology needs and requirements
  3. LU 3 - Plan Technology adoption Roadmap
  4. LU 4 - Introduce technology
  5. LU 5 - Information Security
  6. LU 6 - Monitor initial usage and ensure technology is adopted appropriately


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F&B Digitalization