Course Objectives:

You will learn: what a lifestyle expert (Lifestyle Courses) or influence person performs, how to build your abilities to thrive in a lifestyle or profession as an influence person, how to establish an enterprise for your lifestyle or influence, and how to generate money on the Internet or as a lifestyle expert.

 Lifestyle Courses

What Happens In the Lifestyle Expert Certificate Course

The Lifestyle Expert Certificate Course is an online learning course with prescribed textbook reading (FabJob Guide to Become a Lifestyle Expert and FabJob Guide to Become a Life Coach). This course is self-directed which means that you may study and complete tasks from the comfort of your own home at times that are most comfortable for you.

The suggested completion date of the part-time Lifestyle Expert Certificate course is 6 weeks from the beginning of the programme, however you can opt to finish it within 4 weeks or up to 12 weeks according to your schedule.

The Lifestyle Expert Certificate Course is designed to enable you to finish the course online without instructor aid. However, if you have questions or need assistance, you can get support during the six weeks of the course from a faculty member. Your faculty member is a great resource person who can offer you with personal teaching aid and advice to help you to succeed in your profession.

If you have always wondered how to become an influencer and how to influence social media, this course contains information that will help you achieve success in your profession.

Course Topics

The Lifestyle Certificate Courses have been created to fulfil high academic requirements so that you, as a graduate, can be honoured to receive the Lifestyle Expert Certificate from the IACC.

How to Become an Influencer

You will discover how to become an influencer throughout this training. Themes covered by the online certificate course Lifestyle Expert include:

Introduction to the Lifestyle or Influencer Business

  • What is an expert in lifestyle or an influencer
  • Specialties of lifestyle and influencer
  • Gurus, who succeeds as an expert in lifestyles or as an influencer.

What You Need to Become a Lifestyle Expert or Influencer

  • Choosing Your Lifestyle or Influencer Specialty
  • Knowledge You Will Need
  • Lifestyle Skills Inventory
  • What’s Hot

Life Stylist and Influencer Tools of the Trade

  • Choosing a Blogging Platform
  • Video Blogging (Vlogging)
  • Podcasting
  • Your Website
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Gaining Followers
  • Marketing Ethics

Sources of Online Income for Lifestyle Experts and Influencers

  • Sponsorships and Endorsements
  • Advertising Revenue
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Offering Online Courses and Classes
  • Selling Books, Ebooks, and Articles
  • Safeguarding Your Content
  • Selling Physical Products
  • Mobile Apps

Generating Revenue Face-to-Face

  • Consulting Online
  • Lifestyle Coaching In Person
  • Selling Your Services
  • Getting Started With a Client
  • Setting Fees
  • Client Contracts
  • Special Events
  • Workshop Materials and Activities


What Is Included in the Lifestyle Expert Certificate Course

This all-inclusive Lifestyle Expert Certificate Course package includes:

  • Lifestyle Expert Certificate Course Registration
  • Access to a faculty member to give customised teaching and career support (Optional) 2021-2022 IAPO International Professional Lifestyle Expert Association membership for $2.99 per month only.
  • Lifestyle Expert Certificate customised with your name and the seal of the College of International Professions Association, which you may print (Optional) the possibility of ordering official certificates printed on beautiful linen and stamped with the college's gold seal
  • Textbooks: the FabJob Guide and the FabJob Guide to Lifestyle Expert (e-book editions)


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