Course Objectives:

You will learn: what a florist (Florist Course) is doing and how to make flower arrangements, how to expand your knowledge to be successful in your profession as a florist, how to employ a florist, how to establish your own florist business and become clients.

Florist Course

What Happens in the Florist Certificate Course

The Florist Certificate course is an online learning programme with prescribed textbook readings (FabJob Guide to Become a Florist). In contrast to other conventional floral design workshops and flower arrangement courses, this course is self-directed, so you may study and complete tasks at times that are best suited to you from home.

This part-time florist certificate course has a recommended completion date of 6 weeks from the beginning of the course, however you can opt to complete the course in only 4 weeks or 12 weeks according on your schedule.

The Florist Certificate Course has been designed so that you may complete it without any instructional help. However, if you have questions or need assistance, you can get support during the six weeks of the course from a faculty member. Your faculty member is a great resource person who can offer you with personal teaching aid and advice to help you to succeed in your profession.

Course Topics

Florist Certificate Course has been created to fulfil high academic requirements so that you, as a graduate in the International Association of Professions Career, may show the Florist Certificate with pride.

Themes covered by the florist certificate course comprise of knowledge covered by flower and floral design schools, including the following:

Overview of Florist Products and Services

  • Principles of the processing, storage and use of floral designs, greens and fillers
  • Documents of commonly used materials
  • Step by Step Instructions for Arrangements

Developing Your Skills

  • Resources exploration and experience
  • Various types of florist enterprises landing as florist or floral designer

Opening Your Own Florist Business

  • Niche, name, location and signature selection
  • Start-up of your business plan Sourcing tools, fixtures, equipment and supplies budgeting and financing
  • Shop decoration and displays
  • Set prices and delivery exploration options
  • Employing large employees

Marketing Your Flower Shop

  • Target Florist Markets
  • Wire Services working
  • Free publicity and advertising
  • Repeat business and references

What Is Included in the Florist Certificate Course

This all-inclusive Florist Certificate Course package includes:

  • Florist Certificate Course Registration.
  • Access to a faculty member for individualised teaching and career counselling.
  • (Optional) 2021-2022 IAPO International Professional Florists Association for just $2.99 a month.
  • Downloadable florist certificate customised with your name and the seal of the International Career Association you may print.
  • (Optional) Possibility to buy official certificates on beautiful linen paper and on the college's gold seal.
  • Textbook: FabJob Becoming a Florist Guide (e-book edition)


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