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Food Safety Course Level 1 - Refresher
(Formerly Known As Follow Food and Beverage Safety and Hygiene Policies and Procedures - Refresher)

The NEA has reviewed the current refresher course, and has worked with WDA to introduce the WSQ Refresher Food Hygiene Course which will commence in October 2014.

Certified food handlers are required to undergo the WSQ Refresher Food Hygiene Course 5 years after expiration of the basic food hygiene course and every 10 years thereafter, to ensure that they still observe good food hygiene practices and are kept up-to-date on NEA’s policies and the best practices in handling food.

Food handlers who have passed the Basic Food Hygiene Course 5 years or more ago are required to undergo the compulsory Refresher Food Hygiene Course. The course comprises of 3 hours of training and 1.5 hours of assessment (MCQ + Oral Questioning + Practical). Food handlers who pass the assessment will receive a WDA Statement of Attainment (SOA), of which they will need to show proof during regular inspections by NEA officers.

Licencees who engage any food handlers without valid SOAs could be given 6 demerit points for each uncertified food handler.

Learning Objectives

To equip participants with the knowledge and understanding on the importance of Food hygiene and safety while preparing or handling food.

Course Outline

WSQ Course

Upon completion of this module, the trainee will have the knowledge and application skills with practising food and beverage safety and hygiene policies and procedures and be able to apply them to the workplace. This includes:

  • Maintain personal hygiene
  • Maintain food preparation and service utensils and equipment
  • Preparing food safely
  • Handling food safely
  • Storing food safely
  • Maintaining food preparation, service and storage areas



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WSQ Course