Course Objectives:

Developing Business Acumen Online Class - Effective leadership needs interpersonal skills as well as business abilities. The College of Business Administration describes Business Acumen as a profound and relevant insight into how a company achieves its goals. A person with a high business skill can grasp and explain: How does the company earn money?

Developing Business Acumen Online Class

What is the individual contribution and role of a person?

What are the different aspects that function or do not work for a specific action?

Business Acumen is not a single competency but a much wider array of competences requiring expertise in several facets of business:

  • Skills in leadership
  • Market guidance
  • Financial record
  • Strategic Pension
  • Logical and analytical thought
  • Computers and Technologies

Students that have strong Business Acumen competency:

  • Understand the role and linkages of each department of the business (e.g. sales, operations, finance, etc.), and how each provides value to its organisation.
  • To increase profitability and performance, use understanding of business fundamentals and market forces.
  • Uses business basic knowledge and financial data to assess the feasibility of company plans and prospects.
  • Understand the industry's economic and market factors and how they connect to the competitiveness of the firm.
  • Keep up-to-date on current business trends and identify specific implications for their company. 
  • Understand concepts and trends in business technology and the use of it to support business and management. 

Program Requirements for Students

By graduation, students of the College of Business Administration (CBA) pursuing a degree in Business Administration from 2019-2020 in the catalogue and later must engage in authorised on- and off-campus or virtual Business Acumen activities. Students who started at xprienz as a newcomer must attend eight (8) events, while transferring students must attend six (6).

CBA Faculty/Staff supports on-campus and off-campus events, virtual live events, and pre-registered events. All Business Acumen authorised events shall have the "BAM" logo (shown above). Some activities may also be cultural events sanctioned by the institution.

Business Types Acumen Events:

  • Panel Discussions
  • Corporate Tours (Business Expedition Program)
  • Conferences
  • Organization Leadership
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Networking Events (sponsored by a CBA approved organization, i.e. AMA, WUSHRM, NABA)

Earning BAM Credit 

Events in-person (on or off campus)

To receive credit for attending an in-person event, your xprienz Student ID has to be scanned prior to each event by the Business Acumen monitor. If the swipe system does not operate, the event sponsor should take part manually.

Virtual Live Events (Zoom, Blackboard, Microsoft Teams)

To gain credit for attending a virtual live event, the event sponsor/host produces an attendance report. Students should enable their cameras during the event unless the sponsor/host has expressly indicated otherwise.

Events pre-recorded (Blackboard Course)

To gain credit for seeing a pre-registered event, a brief supplementary test with a rate of 80 percent is necessary. The pre-recorded videos are accessible in your blackboard's My Organizations area. The training is entitled 'CBA Business Acumen Programme.'

Program Blackboard Course CBA Business Acumen Instructions - Unless otherwise specified in the Business Acumen calendar, students will only get one (1) credit for attending a Business Acumen event.

Students are not granted additional credit more than once for attending the same event.

Business acumen calendar - the Fall 2020 event calendar is now accessible; when more events are authorised, this list will continue to increase.

Business Acumen Request Process – Students will receive Business Administration credit for activities which take place in the current or prior semester outside the University of xprienz and College of Business Administration.

The College integrates the Buisness Acumen curriculum with DegreeWorks, which allows students to know quickly how many Business Acumen credits they have earned. Students should then contact the External Relations Director for an update.

Faculty/Staff: Please examine the sponsorship procedure for the Business Acumen Faculty.


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Training Schedules

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