A series of gastroenteritis outbreak, which affected several pre-schools and eldercare facilities in late 2018/early 2019, along with the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of good environmental hygiene in preventing the transmission of infectious diseases. From 30 July 2021 onwards, baseline environmental sanitation standards will be made mandatory for specified premises, starting with higher-risk premises with immuno-vulnerable occupants and/or high footfall such as preschools, schools, youth facilities and eldercare facilities, hawker centres and coffeeshops

Training for Environmental Control Coordinator (ECC) - In order to be registered as an ECC with NEA, individuals are required to attend and pass a requisite ECC training course. The training will equip ECCs with the relevant skills in planning and implementing a wide range of environmental measures including cleaning and disinfection, pest management, waste management and other relevant environmental topics to assist the premises managers in adhering to the baseline environmental sanitation standards required for their premises.

Course Objectives:

After attending the course, learners will be able to identify:- What the Environmental Public Health Act is and what the roles of ECCs are. The different factors which may cause an environment to be unsanitary. How to ensure the cleanliness and safety of an environment.


  1. LU 1 - Environmental Public Health Act
  2. LU 2 - Roles and Responsibilities of Environmental Control Coordinators (ECCs)
  3. LU 3 - Indoor Air Quality
  4. LU 4 - Overview of infectious diseases infection prevention and control
  5. LU 5 - General Cleaning and Disinfection
  6. LU 6 - Pest management


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Training Schedules

The full training schedules for the  Environmental Control Coordinator (ECC) Classroom Learning / Synchronous e-learning can be seen HERE.


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