Digital Indoor Photography Course

Course Objectives:

After attending the course, learners will be able to:

  • Identify and comprehend the usage of various indoor cameras, parts of cameras and accessories.
  • Evaluate and apply the general safety procedures required in the execution of indoor camera operations.
  • Coordinate and position cameras and accessories according to the requirements of the shot plans.
  • Produce the digital pictures according to the shot plans.
  • Make corrections necessary to enhance the digital pictures initially produced.

Course Content:

  • Describe the technical specifications for various types of indoor camera equipment and accessories.
  • Differentiate the features, functions, limitations of different types of stabilised indoor camera equipment and accessories.
  • Interpret the instructions required to operate different types of indoor camera.
  • Differentiate different types of indoor camera position to shoot and frame shots.
  • Explain the principles of picture composition.
  • Describe cinematography techniques.
  • Describe specialty indoor camera equipment and accessories.
  • Recognize the safety regulations and procedures pertaining to indoor camera operations.
  • Interpret detailed shots plans to understand indoor production styles and technical requirements.
  • Coordinate with production teams to capture complex indoor.
  • Inspect indoor equipment to ensure that it is correctly fitted and complies with technical requirements.


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Payments :

Payment is preferred cash-less; either via NETS/GIRO/PAYNOW, company cheque (for company enrolments), and Skillsfuture Credit where applicable.


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Training Schedules

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