F&B Advisory programs

A training program is perceived as useful if the knowledge attained is practised. To help our clients ensure that their training programs are effective, we provide the following advisory services

Food Safety Management Advisory

XpRienz Pte Ltd is a provider of professional services for many industries. We help our clients solve their business problems and enhance their ability to build value within and across their markets. One of the industries that we service is the F&B industry where we provide both training as well as advisory services.  One of the essential advisory services that we provide for the F&B industry is our HACCP advisory program.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a worldwide recognized system which identifies, evaluates and control food hazards to ensure food safety. This system enables the quality of food to remain high at all times which in turn gives the consumers assurance that the food they consumer is safe and hygienically prepared.

Advantages of HACCP

  • Focuses on identifying and preventing hazards from contaminating food
  • Ensures proper record keeping
  • Places responsibility for ensuring food safety on the food manufacturer or distributor
  • Helps food companies compete more effectively
  • Reduces barriers to international trade

XpRienz’ HACCP advisory program consists of the following:-

  • Advise companies towards an established HACCP system, and attainment of the HACCP certification
  • Review of compliance towards the HACCP requirements, procedures drafting and setting up of system
  • Customise setting up of the system and program to suit each and individual company
  • Helps train employees to achieve the required competency for HACCP
  • Maintains of current HACCP Documentation
  • Provides Food Safety & Iinternal Audits
  • Develops pre – requisite programmes, control systems, SOP & Traceability systems

XpRienz utilizes the 7 principles of HACCP System as its main methodology.  The HACCP system would be set up in accordance and in sequence of the 7 principles therefore ensuring all principles would be encompassed



  • Tapping on Technology to monitor and reduce lapses in areas where CCTVs alone aren’t enough.
  • In areas of Pest Control, Food Storage and Personal Hygiene.
  • Introducing SAFE: Smart Audit Food Expertise, our artificial intelligence driven solution aims to tackle limitations.
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