Course for Urban Farming

Course Objectives:

After attending the course, learners shall be able to:- Planting layout guidelines for different plant species. Planting and post planting procedures. Amounts and mixing proportions of fertilisers and chemicals for different plants. Post-planting aftercare requirements for different plants. Benefits of specific types of mulches and other organic materials for plant growth Irrigation requirements of commonly planted species. Personal protective equipment (PPE) required for horticultural tasks. Relevant workplace safety and health (WSH) guidelines. Prepare planting plans according to planting requirements. Determine tools and equipment to be used for planting. Determine planting layouts with spatial considerations for plant growth requirements. Supervise planting activities according to established procedures. Establish irrigation and maintenance schedules for different plants. Guide the usage of chemicals and fertilisers to meet plant health and growth requirements.

Course Content:

  • LU 1 - Identify various plant species and prepare planting layout plans based on the plant species
  • LU 2 - Formulate the soil, substrate and compost mix for various plant species and the equipment and tools required to plant the various plant species
  • LU 3 - Plant and provide care for plants in a safe manner.
  • LU 4 - Supervise the planting of the plants.
  • LU 5 - Provide nourishment to promote growth and healthy plants.
  • LU 6 - Determine the ideal irrigation requirements for various plant types.
  • LU 7 - Provide post-planting care for the plant.


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