Course Objectives and Content

  1. Upon completion, the candidates will be able to:
  2. Identify the Types and uses of baking tools and equipment
  3. Identify and explain the types, characteristics, functions and quality indicators of baking ingredients
  4. Interpret the Recipes and methods of preparing cookies
  5. Explain the Importance of using correct ratio and proportion of ingredients
  6. Explain the Importance of sifting dry ingredients and resting dough
  7. Explain the Techniques of piping and cutting the dough
  8. Identify and explain the process of baking cookies and factors that influence the baking process
  9. Assess and determine Indicators of doneness
  10. Identify the methods of cooling and storing cookie products
  11. Identify and explain the quality characteristics of cookie products
  12. Identify the common faults in making cookie products that affects its quality and how to prevent them
  13. Identify the hazards and explain the preventive measures of each hazard such as chemical and thermal hazards\
  14. Assemble baking tools and equipment
  15. Prepare ingredients for making cookies
  16. Prepare and shape/ cut dough for baking and add pre-baked toppings or finishing (if any)
  17. Bake dough
  18. Cool and store finished cookie products
  19. Reinstate work station in accordance with organisational procedures, food and Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) requirements


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